About Us

At OutSquare MD, we empower modern businesses that are striving to change the world with technology. We globally deliver technologically enabled healthcare solutions, that result in significantly improved business outcomes. From everyday patients, providers and solo practitioners, to hard-to-engage patients, organizations, and hospitals, we facilitate everyone. We deliver high-impact systems that result in tangible value for an organization. Taking the unnecessary burden off the shoulders of physicians, while simultaneously ensuring quality care for our patients is what we strive for. The secure, efficient, and active use of technology, when and where it is needed is a key component of healthcare system reform that we propose.

OutSquare provides a vertically integrated healthcare solution and does all of its development in-house. The components are in active development stage and have been carefully picked at the discretion of doctors. OutSquare presents an end-to-end solution for the health industry by introducing the following:

1. HomeHealth- efficient and affordable professional care, at home
2. OutSquare Care- a collaboration platform for physicians and patients
3. OutSquare EHR- an intuitive, blockchain enabled EHR
4. OutSquare Billing- an advanced billing service

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