3 Technologies Overhauling Medical Billing Insurance Claims Process

Even though the medical industry is facing a massive overhaul, revolutionizing the way patients are treated, clinicians find the time spent in the medical billing insurance claim process – documentation, following up, and waiting – is longer than the time of service they provide their patients with. No medical practitioner is unknown to the challenges medical billing claim process puts…

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Understanding the Different Types of Health Insurance Plans

Is there any other task more dreaded than the annual decision of selecting a health insurance plan? This chore is an amalgamation of everything we shirk from: excessive options, limited time to make a decision and uncertainty that can cost us a fortune. Experts are of the view that there is hardly any way for a layman or financial novice…

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What Is A PPO And How Does It Work?

With the imposition of the Affordable Care Act, the health insurance marketplace opened its doors for the public on October, 2013. The marketplace provides individuals with a slew of healthcare options varying in coverage, convenience and price. So, now most Americans annually have to make the consequential decision of opting for a health insurance plan. With the rise of costs…

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