Electronic Health Records System

OutSquare EHR is an intuitive, blockchain enabled HIT solution that offers a complete, integrated software product for clinics and practitioners. The secure, efficient, and active sharing of electronic health information pertaining to when and where it is needed, is a key component of healthcare system reform that Out Square EHR proposes. The widespread adoption and use of interoperable HIT will enable individuals, providers, and entities to capture, exchange, and use valuable health information to improve decision-making; deliver more effective, patient-centered care; and implement systems and processes to measure and improve health care quality and efficiency.

For empowering the patients and promoting self-care, Out Square EHR puts forward the following value propositions. The focus is on developing a patient-centric model that encourages them to take on a more active role in their personal health care.

Electronic Health Records Software Features

Advanced AI

Intuitive AI that consistently grows as it learns from you. As you spend more time on the software, it adapts and evolves, enabling you to chart faster.


Quickly reference & access schedules, prioritize tasks, action items & patient cards. This enables you to set up appointments based on your schedule.

Customizable health plans

Manage your patients’ condition based on age, sex, lab results & diagnosis. Improve the procedures or treatments you recommend to your patients.


Create prescriptions for patients from within their charts. Build lists of recommended medications and well-reputed local pharmacies, and share prescriptions readily.

Secure Document exchange

At OutSquare we know the importance associated with medical documents, which is why we have created a secure platform to encourage reliable exchange of documents.

Wellness Program

Holistic patient engagement tool to send wellness reminder calls and immunization alerts to your patients as well as gather data from their IoT devices and medical reports.

Patient Health Record Management

Online patient portal to empower your patients to share their medical records and communicate securely at any time.

Customizable dashboard

Personalize your dashboard to track daily tasks, appointments, priority items & staff communications, as per your need.

Electronic faxing

Make exchange of documents efficient, swift and secure . Send out faxes by just clicking a button.

Mobile Application (iOS and Android)

Access all your practice information and patient records on-the-go from anywhere, at any time, in a secure environment using mobile devices.

Lab Integration

Automate inefficient paper-based processes with OutSquare eLabs. Generate lab orders, access patients’ lab reports and results electronically with ease.

Customizable reports

Practitioners have the flexibility to create customizable reports as per their needs, and they no longer have to stick to a generalized format.

Secure Messaging/ Messenger

A secure platform for practitioners which enables them to conveniently interact with anyone in their practice, from billers to patients.

Appointment management

Appointment management feature not only enables you to set appointments but also lets you resolve any scheduling conflicts.

Automatic Reminders

Patients get notified with all their medical care related tasks and based on that, doctors are informed whether those tasks are being performed or not. Our software also enables you to send appointment reminders to your patients.

Patient-Driven Model

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