Getting Onboard

Onboarding with OutSquare MD

So, once you have made your mind to work with us, what are the steps that you have to follow to get started with our medical billing services?. First off, we assure you we will work closely with your in-house staff to provide a smooth transition to our service. Secondly, here are the steps that you will be taking in order to start working with us.

After you enter into a formal agreement with OutSquare MD, you’ll need to fill our Client Registration form. Once you complete and return that form, we’ll use the data to make your transition to our service as smooth as possible.

We will provide you any forms needed from the insurance clearinghouse to submit claims on your behalf. You’ll also need to fill out a form with your practice information including all providers and insurance companies you collaborate with.

We’d need access to your web-based PM software to connect to your practice. However, if your software is not web-based, our IT staff will establish a secure VPN connection to your practice management system.

We strive to make the transitioning process as simple for you as it can be. We will also talk with you or your staff to see what the best solution is to get that information to us, and how to prepare it to make sure nothing is missed.

Four easy steps and you are on your way to having your medical billing done right by experienced coders and medical billing professionals. Just start with these five easy steps and your practice will succeed.

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