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3 Technologies Overhauling Medical Billing Insurance Claims Process

Even though the medical industry is facing a massive overhaul, revolutionizing the way patients are treated, clinicians find the time spent in the medical billing insurance claim process – documentation, following up, and waiting – is longer than the time of service they provide their patients with. No medical practitioner is unknown to the challenges medical billing claim process puts…

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How to Choose the Right Medical Billing Solution for Your Practice

The financial competence of a hospital is vital to fuel its growth and keep its accounts breathing. The billing process plays an indispensable role in keeping a practice financially stable. However, keeping up with the consistently changing guidelines and implementation of new policies makes the billing process relatively harder for clinicians to grasp. So, although medical billing is an integral…

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How Blockchain Is Set to Revolutionize the Health Sector

With early uncertainties pertaining to blockchain lain to rest, the market has moved ahead from the cloud of doubts and into the phase of mainstream application. For the last couple of years, the internet has been breaking with news of blockchain disrupting one industry or the other. In fact, if there is one word that is ubiquitous within the concept…

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